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The 15 Most Common Female Anime Names (And What They Mean)

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If you've been watching anime for a while, you've probably noticed that certain names crop up a lot. This list will zero in on popular female anime names that show up in almost every series.

One thing to keep in mind is that Japanese names are not like names written using the Roman alphabet. Western names tend to have a single meaning, but every Japanese name can have multiple meanings depending on how it's written. Most people have names written with Kanji, a writing system that was imported from China and adapted to the Japanese language wherein each character has a specific meaning. Some people have names that use hiragana or katakana, two systems of syllables. This means that each name can have a wide variety of meanings. This list will focus on the most common meanings for the names discussed. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that common female anime names aren't necessarily popular or even typically used in Japan. Yuki is common to both anime and to actual Japanese people, but Kagura rarely appears outside of anime or Buddhist rituals. 

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