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Marine Slang To Learn If You Don't Want To Be A 'Squid'

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Falling under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Navy, the United States Marine Corps has conducted land and sea operations since the American Revolution. As one of the four branches of the military, the Marine Corps works alongside the Navy, Army, and Air Force; distinguishing itself from the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli.

The Marine Corps has a language, culture, and heritage all its own, from acronyms to skin art. If you're looking to join the Marines and become a jarhead (as opposed to a squid), you're going to want to learn some Marine lingo. Whether you're a boot or the Grand Old Man of the Marine Corp, there are a bunch of Marine terms you can try out at the squad bay.

  • Air Force Salute

    Meaning: To shrug in a way that implies, "I don't know." 

    Use It In A Sentence: "When asked why he wasn't in his blues (dress uniform), the boot (new Marine) gave me an Air Force salute." 

  • Fire Watch

    Meaning: Guard duty. While initially used to describe a shift spent literally looking for fires, it's now a general term.

    Use It In A Sentence: "No senior officer would ever be stuck with fire watch, they already earned their fire watch ribbon (the National Defense Service Medal awarded to all service members on active duty)." 

  • Squid

    Meaning: A sailor or naval officer. Not a compliment.

    Use It In A Sentence: "Just like a Squid, always needing a Marine to come save the day."

  • Yut

    Meaning: An affirmative expression, often associated with encouraging speeches and similar to "oorah!" or its shortened form, "err!" It may also refer to blowing something up.

    Use It In A Sentence: "As the colonel spoke, the troops cried out, 'Yut!' and, 'Oorah!'"