5 Common Phrases That Are Way Darker Than You Ever Realized  

Jadyn Beyer

Have you ever wondered why a baker's dozen is 13 instead of 12? It turns out that the reason for this and other common phrases in the video below is more grisly than you'd ever expect. 

Many sayings that exist now have entirely different meanings than when they originated, some hundreds of years ago. Throughout time, these phrases have evolved into sayings that are mostly harmless, and examining them seems unnecessary when they are used daily. 

However, the dark underbelly of such phrases will make you reconsider your wording. Positively, it will also make you a little less stressed about meeting deadlines, which had much more dire consequences during the Civil War.

Though it's best not to make them ride shotgun in the same way as riders did in the Old West, watch the video below to learn more and freak out your friends the next time they use these common phrases.