Fights Every Couple Has Had At Some Point In Their Relationship

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There's no getting around it - all couples fight and there are fights all couples have. Common relationship fights, on the plus side, are at least something that unite us all. There are some gripes we can all share when airing grievances about romance over cocktails with our friends. No matter how infatuated you are with your beloved, chances are you and your partner spend a lot of time together. This means squabbles are inevitable, even over seemingly petty matters. 

The phrases "I can't read your mind!", "I just want to spend time with you!", and "You always make us late!" are probably all too familiar to most of us. Time, money, punctuality, and communication are often at the roots of arguments all couples have. In fact, your grandparents likely engaged in these kinds of quarrels. In modern times, there's even more to fight about. Is your partner really checking Twitter on their phone again? Do you have a right to peruse their Internet browsing history? What do you think of the image they project of your relationship on social media? From silly fights to actual red flags that indicate incompatibility, to be in love is to argue. As humans are imperfect animals - by nature unable to live in utter harmony 24/7 - the fundamental things apply. Certain brands of disagreement will continue to cause relationship strife - as time goes by. 

The good news is that fighting can actually be healthy for relationships, so long as you don't say anything damaging while you're in the throes of anger. Psychologists now say that paying attention to how you fight is more important than avoiding fights altogether. So, have some fun with it and commiserate! Tell us what you and your partner fight about below. Vote up the issues that make you and partner butt heads! 

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    One Of You Takes Their Bad Day Out On The Other

    No one's perfect. Sometimes, a stressful day means you get snappish with your partner. And fighting ensues. 

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    You Don't Feel Like Your Partner Listens

    It's a very common argument. You don't feel heard and your partner gets defensive about the fact. 

  • 3

    You Feel You're Expected To Be A Mind Reader

    How are you supposed to know what they want if they don't tell you? 

  • 4

    You Feel There's No Romance/You're Growing Apart

    The honeymoon phase ends eventually. If all you do is order in food, have lazy sex, and watch Netflix, that can lead to arguing. 

  • 5

    One Of You Wants More Sex

    No two people are 100% sexually compatible. This leads to fights. 

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    You Nag Your Partner Continuously - Over Something That Will Never Change

    That one petty thing that they do that really bothers you (i.e., twirl their hair, crack their knuckles)? They'll probably do it forever. Get used to it.

  • 7

    One Of You Spends Too Much Time On The Phone

    If someone's texting during date nights, conversations, and intimate moments, it can be a problem. 

  • 8

    You Find Yourself Asking "Why Do I Always Do X Chore?"

    Especially if you're living together. It can often be hard to strike a balance when it comes to household chores, and one of you will eventually feel put upon for some reason. 

  • 9

    One Of You Will Casually Change Plans And It Will Hurt The Other One's Feelings

    They were really looking forward to going to that [movie, restaurant, person's house. etc.] but you didn't realize it.

  • 10

    You'll Fight About Your Families

    Whether they are visiting too often or not enough, if they are too involved in your relationship, and so on. 

  • 11

    You'll Ask "Are You Really Just Going To Watch TV All Day?"

    People occasionally expect more daily enthusiasm from a partner, which can lead to some unfortunate squabbles. 

  • 12

    One Of You Is Always Working

    You want your partner to be ambitious and successful, but don't want to get left in the lurch. 

  • 13

    You Find Yourself Saying "We Never Do Anything That I Want To Do!"

    When someone always feels like they are accommodating the other person, things can get heated. The best thing to do is speak up before it starts to bother you.

  • 14

    You Scrutinize One Another's Purchases

    Money issues can make things tense at home, and you may disagree on what constitutes necessary spending. 

  • 15

    You Actually Messed Up, But It's The Other Person's Fault

    Examples include: "I was late, but why are you so neurotic about time?" "I left dirty dishes in the sink, but why are you such a neat freak?" 

  • 16

    One Of You Wants A Quiet Night At Home, The Other Wants To Go Out With Friends

    It's the fight where you may hear phrases like, "Why can't we do things with just the two of us?" 

  • 17

    One Of You Hates The Other Is Friends With An Ex

    It's hard to feel comfortable with your partner's ex when you know about their history together.

  • 18

    One Of You Goes Through The Others Browser History

    It's the classic issue of privacy versus transparency, and bound to cause a fight. 

  • 19

    One Of You Will Definitely Flirt With Someone (Or It Will LOOK Like You Did)

    Both of you will get jealous at some point in your relationship. Fighting will ensue. 

  • 20

    One Of You Feels The Other Is Always Late

    The phrase "on time" can have a variety of interpretations. If your partner's sense of time doesn't match yours, arguments can happen. 

  • 21

    One Of You Got Way Too Drunk And You're Not 22 Anymore

    Sorry to say, you're probably banned from Tequila shots for awhile now.

  • 22

    One Of You Will Feel Like The Other's Friends Don't Like You

    Then you'll act weird. Then it will be weird.

  • 23

    One Of You Will Post Something On Facebook That The Other Doesn't Approve Of

    A photo where they look fat, personal information they'd rather not share, a joke that they don't find funny - all good candidates for this fight.

  • 24

    One Of You Will Get Mad You're Always The One To Buy A Certain Product

    Whether toilet paper, dog food, or paper towels, one of you will get tired of always being the one to remember to pick it up. 

  • 25

    One Of You Will Hate The Other's Weird (But Sentimental) Decorations

    Especially if you're moving in together.