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Commonly Misheard Lyrics You've Been Singing Wrong This Entire Time

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We've all experienced that moment – everyone's singing along to a banger at the top of their lungs, you all know the lyrics perfectly, but then, one line comes up, and suddenly you're singing something completely different and nonsensical to everyone else. Your friends turn to you like "tangerine? Don't you mean tambourine? Tangerine's don't have a beat!" And you realize, you're that person  - the person who always gets the lyrics wrong.  

Just know, that you are not alone. There are tons of people out there who have fallen victim to misheard lyrics syndrome. There are scores of folks that are suffering from Wrong Lyrics Disease, who have fled from bars in fits of embarrassment. Look below at the most commonly misheard lyrics and see if you've been so foolhardy in your confidence to believe that Bon Jovi is singing about being naked, rather than making it.