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Community Jokes You May Have Missed the First Time

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Community was a fast-paced show, jam-packed with humor that you often had to be sharp to catch. From the perfectly executed running jokes on Community to the in your face humor to a subtle joke that took three years to deliver the punch line, there’s plenty that may’ve gone right over your head the first time around. Remember the weirdness this NBC comedy brought the world and bask in the glory of these Community jokes that you probably missed on first viewing.
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    Abed Delivers a Baby in the Background

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    In Season 2’s “The Psychology of Letting Go” there’s noticeably less Abed in the story. However, you can see him in the background having his own separate storyline. First he meets a pregnant woman, then that pregnant woman’s man hostilely confronts Abed as if he suspects cheating, then later we see Abed helping deliver the pregnant woman’s baby.

    The detail here is remarkable because the first time the couple was shown in Season 1, the guy is carelessly tossing a condom aside. Many months later, in Season 2, the woman is pregnant.
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    Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

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    Talk about dedication – this joke played out over a span of three seasons. Once every season, someone would say the name Beetlejuice. Of course, saying his name three times is the way to summon him, so after being mentioned on Season 1’s “Communication Studies” and Season 2’s “Cooperative Calligraphy” we finally see Beetlejuice appear in the background when Annie says his name in Season 3’s “Horror Fiction.”
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    Abed Goes on Cougar Town

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    Abed tells a story about how he was supposed to be an extra on an episode of Cougar Town, but he accidentally went number two in his pants while filming it. They really went through with this, because there’s an episode of Cougar Town in which Abed can be seen running off, as if he’s hurrying to a bathroom.
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    Vending Machine Troy

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    In Season 1’s eighteenth episode, “Basic Genealogy,” Troy and Abed get stuck inside of a vending machine. Two seasons later, there’s an episode in which a fridge is visible, covered in various stickers, one of which is Troy’s face, positioned precisely where it was when he and Abed were stuck in the machine.
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