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Companies That Took a Stand In A Positive Way In 2018

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While the general public often views large corporations with scrutiny, occasionally a news story will pop up about companies doing good in the world. Whether it's a commitment to environmental sustainability or finding a way to give back to the community, some corporations use their power in the world for positive initiatives. As the lines between companies and the people running them gradually become more blurred, many appreciate the genuine goodwill some corporations exhibit through acts of kindness, generosity, and activism.

Companies that use their influence for good spread a much-needed message of unity and mutual understanding - something that is often absent from profit-motivated organizations. Many companies are taking action in 2018 by sacrificing potential profit in favor of the moral high ground, and are using their funds to aid the overall quality of life in their communities. Through these acts of kindness, they not only attract potential customers who want to support generous companies, they also reflect the shifting dynamics and beliefs of their surrounding culture.

Below is a list of companies who are using their influence for good in 2018. Vote on the companies you believe are making the biggest impact. Then check out what companies are making a difference in 2019.