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Companies Founded in 1889

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List of the top or longest running businesses/companies/firms founded, started or launched in 1889; incl. corporations and public/private enterprises. Alphabetical. sortable by column.
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    Acklands Grainger

    Acklands-Grainger is Canada’s largest distributor of industrial, safety and fastener products....
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    Petroleum industry
    Amoco Corporation, originally Standard Oil Company, was a global chemical and oil company that was founded in 1889 around a refinery located in Whiting, Indiana, United States. It later absorbed the...  more
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    Asahi Breweries

    Malt Beverages, Flour Milling and Malt Manufacturing
    Asahi Breweries, Ltd. is a leading brewery and soft drink company based in Tokyo, Japan. As of January 2014, Asahi, with a 38% market share, was the largest of the four major beer producers in Japan...  more
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    Adhesive Manufacturing
    Bostik is an international adhesives company formerly a subsidiary of the French company Arkema, headquartered at Paris. The company was created as Bostik Findley in 2001 after the merger of Bostik...  more
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    Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard

    Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard is a family-owned wine company based in Milawa, Victoria, Australia. Brown Brothers was founded in 1889 by John Francis Brown and continues to be owned and operated by...  more
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    C. A. Parsons and Company

    C. A. Parsons and Company was a British engineering firm which was once one of the largest employers on Tyneside. The company became Reyrolle Parsons in 1968, merged with Clarke Chapman to form...  more
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    Carhartt, Inc., is a U.S.-based clothing company founded in 1889 that focuses on work clothes. It is still a family-owned company, owned by the descendants of company founder Hamilton Carhartt, with...  more
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    Charter International

    Charter International plc was a large British engineering business based in London. It was acquired by Colfax Corporation in January 2012....  more
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    Conrad Schmitt Studios

    Conrad Schmitt Studios is an architectural arts studio located in New Berlin, Wisconsin. It provides ecclesiastical art, stained glass artistry, art glass, decorative painting, mosaics, murals and...  more
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    Dampskibsselskabet Torm

    A/S Dampskibsselskabet TORM or TORM, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a shipping company that owns and operates product tankers and bulk carriers. TORM's company's tankers carry refined oil products...  more
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    Doxa S.A.

    Doxa S.A. is a Swiss company, founded in 1889, that manufactures watches. Doxa is best known for its diving watches....  more
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    FN Herstal

    Arms industry, Arms Manufacturers
    Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal — self identified as FN Herstal and often referred to as Fabrique Nationale or simply FN — is a leading firearms manufacturer located in Herstal, Belgium, owned by the...  more
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    Food Manufacturing
    Freia is a Norwegian chocolate candy manufacturing company. The company is famous for Freia Melkesjokolade and Kvikk Lunsj, as well as for other candy and dessert products....  more
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    HDB/Cram and Ferguson

    Hoyle, Doran & Berry, Inc., also known as HDB/Cram and Ferguson, was the successor firm to the original partnership of Ralph Adams Cram, Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue, and Frank Ferguson, their...  more
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    HSBC Bank Middle East

    Financial Services
    HSBC Bank Middle East Limited is the largest and most widely represented international bank in the Middle East. The bank has received several awards in various categories....  more
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    Computer Integrated Systems Design, Software
    The International Business Machines Corporation is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation, with headquarters in Armonk, New York. IBM manufactures and markets computer...  more
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    International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.

    Other Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing
    International Flavors & Fragrances is a major producer of flavors and fragrances with sales of $2.78 billion in 2011. Major competitors include Firmenich, Givaudan, and Symrise. IFF is a member of...  more
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    Kistefos is a privately owned investment company owned by Christen Sveaas and led by CEO Tom Ruud. The company comprises wholly owned and part-owned industrial companies within offshore, shipping,...  more
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    Lee is an American brand of denim jeans, first produced in 1889 in Salina, Kansas. The company is owned by VF Corporation, the largest apparel company in the world. Its headquarters is currently in...  more
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    Lenox is an American company that sells tabletop, giftware and collectible products sold under the Lenox, Dansk and Gorham brands. They are the only major manufacturer of bone china in the United...  more
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    Liverpool, St Helens and South Lancashire Railway

    The Liverpool, St Helens and South Lancashire Railway, was formed in 1889, but no services ran until 1895 and then only freight. Passenger services did not start until 1900. It incorporated the St...  more
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    Maison de Bonneterie

    Maison de Bonneterie operated two high-end fashion department stores in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam and The Hague. Smaller branches in Laren and Heemstede have existed too. The Amsterdam store was...  more
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    The Mentholatum Company, Inc., founded in 1889 by Albert Alexander Hyde, is an American maker of non-prescription health care products. It was bought out by Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., a Japanese...  more
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    Merck & Co.

    Pharmaceutical Preparation, Pharmaceutical industry
    Merck & Co., Inc., d.b.a. Merck Sharp & Dohme outside the United States and Canada, is an American pharmaceutical company and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Merck...  more
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    Methuen Publishing

    Methuen Publishing Ltd is a British publishing house. It was founded in 1889 by Sir Algernon Methuen and began publishing in London in 1892. Initially Methuen mainly published non-fiction academic...  more