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Companies Founded in 1997

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List of the top or longest running businesses/companies/firms founded, started or launched in 1997; incl. corporations and public/private enterprises. Alphabetical. sortable by column.
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    3DV Systems is a pioneer and world leader in three-dimensional video imaging. Established in...  more
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    3ware was an American electronics company founded in February 1997 by Mitch Altman, J. Peter...  more
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    A-Med Systems

    A-Med Systems Inc. develops products that provide circulatory support during“beating heart”...
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    Abrizio was a fabless semiconductor company which made switching fabric chip sets. Their chip...  more
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    Construction, Engineering
    Acciona, S.A. is a Spanish conglomerate group dedicated to civil engineering, construction and...  more
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    ADAS is the UK’s largest independent agricultural and environmental consultancy and provider...  more
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    Aéreo Servicio Guerrero

    Aéreo Servicio Guerrero S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican regional airline founded in 1997, based in...  more
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    Aero DaVinci Internacional, S.A. de C.V. is an airline based in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico....  more
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    Aerolíneas Internacionales

    Aerolíneas Internacionales S.A. de C.V. is a defunct airline which operated in Mexico....  more
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    Aeronautics Defense Systems

    Arms industry, Aerospace
    Aeronautics Ltd. is an Israeli company specializing in the manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial...  more
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    Africa West Airlines

    Africa West is a cargo airline based in Lomé, Togo. The company was founded in 1997 and mainly...  more
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    African Safari Airways

    Africa Safari Airways was an airline based in Mombasa, Kenya. It operated charter flights and...  more
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    Air D'Ayiti

    Air D'Ayiti was a short-lived airline from Haiti, which was operational between 1997 and 1999....  more
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    Air Iceland

    Air Iceland is a regional airline with its head office at Reykjavík Airport in Reykjavík,...  more
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    Air Méditerranée

    Air Méditerranée is an airline headquartered on the property of the Tarbes–Lourdes–Pyrénées...  more
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    Computer hardware
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    Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

    The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is an American cinema chain founded in 1997 in Austin, Texas, USA...  more
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    alfabet provides a software suite that supports Business IT Management....  more
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    Software, Consultant
    Founded in 1999, Algenta Technologies is a Minneapolis-based research and development firm...  more
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    Allegiant Air

    Airline, Air Transportation
    Allegiant Air is an American low-cost airline owned by Allegiant Travel Co. that operates...  more
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    Alliance & Leicester

    Financial Services
    Alliance & Leicester plc was a UK-based bank and former building society, formed by the merger...  more
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    Gaumont Animation

    Gaumont Animation is a leading, award-winning producer and distributor of children’s...  more