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Companies Founded in 1999

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List of the top or longest running businesses/companies/firms founded, started or launched in 1999; incl. corporations and public/private enterprises. Alphabetical. sortable by column.
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    Textile, Clothing
    Airness is a footwear trademark founded in 1999 in Saint-Denis by Malamine Koné....  more
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    AirQuarius Aviation

    AirQuarius Aviation was an airline based in Johannesburg, South Africa, operating chartered flights and aircraft leasing contracted by companies throughout Africa and the Middle East. The airline's...  more
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    Airside was founded in 1998 by Alex Maclean, Nat Hunter and Fred Deakin. The company has won many awards including recognition from D&AD, BAFTA and Design Week. Co-founder Deakin is one half of...  more
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    Mass media, Publishing
    Alamy is a privately owned stock photography agency launched in 1999. Its headquarters are on Milton Park, near Abingdon, Oxfordshire, U.K. It has a development and operations centre at Techno park...  more
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    Bell Aliant

    Bell Aliant Inc. is a communications company providing services in various areas throughout eastern Canada. In Atlantic Canada it operates primarily under the Bell Aliant brand. It also serves...  more
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    Alibaba Group

    The Internet, Online shopping
    Alibaba Group is a global e-commerce leader and the largest e-commerce company in China. Since it was founded in 1999, the Alibaba Group has grown to include five core member companies: ...  more
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    Online shopping, Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portal is the world's number one online marketplace for international and domestic China trade, according to as measured by user traffic. We provide an efficient, trusted...  more
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    Headquartered in San Francisco, Aliph is a leading developer of mobile audio products that deliver the best user experience in any environment. The company was founded in 1999 by Alexander Asseily...
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    Alisea Airlines

    Alisea Airlines was a charter airline based in Italy, which was established in 1999 as Italfly. Flight operations only took place during a brief period between 2002 and 2003. Alisea airlines first...  more
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    Allakhazam's Magical Realm, part of the Zam Network, is a website providing forums, a wikibase and lookup services for several online RPGs, including Aion, Dark Age of Camelot, EVE Online, EverQuest,...  more
  • 36 provides business information and resources for small businesses, those companies with fewer than 500 employees. The company also conducts research to measure the health and direction...  more
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    ALS Therapy Development Institute

    The ALS Therapy Development Institute is a non-profit biotechnology company seeking effective treatments for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It is a registered 501 non-profit organization in the...  more
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    Tobacco, Logistics
    Altadis is a multinational purveyor and manufacturer of cigarettes, tobacco and cigars. Altadis was formed via a 1999 merger between Tabacalera, the former Spanish tobacco monopoly and SEITA, the...  more
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    Ambient Weather

    Ambient Weather is an Arizona based weather station and software manufacturer that specializes in customized solutions and products for the home and office, industry, schools, resorts, government and...  more
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    Ancient Hebrew Research Center

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    Angel Music Group

    Angel Music Group is a management company for various dance music groups in the United Kingdom, including Godskitchen, Global Gathering, Polysexual, and others. It was set up in 2005. The company has...  more
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    Antarctica Systems

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    Antinea Airlines

    Antinea Airlines was a passenger and cargo airline based in Algiers Houari Boumedienne Airport, Algeria that was founded in June 1999. The airline was merged into Khalifa Airways in 2001, and the...  more
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    Anzovin Studio

    Anzovin Studio is an animation studio located in Florence, Massachusetts. Founded in 1999 by the father-and-son team of Steve and Raf Anzovin, they provide character animation and cinematics for...  more
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    Apatow Productions

    Apatow Productions is an American film and television production company founded by Judd Apatow in 1999....  more
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    Aporia Records

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    APX Group

    APX Group is an Anglo-Dutch energy exchange operating the spot markets for electricity in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Belgium. Established in 1999, APX provides exchange trading, central...  more
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    Areca Technology Corporation is a company based in Taipei, Taiwan. They manufacture RAID controllers. Areca developed their own custom ASIC, a RAID 6 engine for use on their own controllers. However,...  more