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Companies Founded in 2005

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List of the top or longest running businesses/companies/firms founded, started or launched in 2005; incl. corporations and public/private enterprises. Alphabetical. sortable by column.
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  • 3Roam1


    3Roam provides high-capacity microwave transmission equipments for wireless and packet... more on Wikipedia
  • 4Frontiers Corporation2

    4Frontiers Corporation

    Commercialization of space, Space exploration
    4Frontiers Corporation is an American space commerce company, founded in 2005.
  • 4J Studios3

    4J Studios

    Video game industry
    4J Studios is a Scottish video game development studio based in Dundee and East Linton. The... more on Wikipedia
  • 56.com4

    Web 2.0
    Founded in early 2005, has become China's leading online video and personal media...
  • 5

    ABP Induction Systems

    ABP Induction Systems is a global industrial firm that develops and integrates... more on Wikipedia
  • 6

    MyCargo Airlines

    ACT Airlines, operating as MyCargo Airlines, is a Turkish cargo airline based in the Ekinci... more on Wikipedia
  • 7

    Advanced Cardiac Life Sciences

  • Aeroframe Services8

    Aeroframe Services

    Aeroframe Services, LLC is a privately owned airplane service company specializing in MRO for... more on Wikipedia
  • 9

    Agel Enterprises

    Multi-level marketing
    Agel Enterprises, LLC, a nutritional supplement supplier, is a multi-level marketing company... more on Wikipedia
  • 10

    Agora Games

    Video game industry
    Agora Games works with game developers to build online features and web-based communities for... more on Wikipedia
  • 11

    Air Åland

    Air Åland AB was the provincial airline of Åland, with its head office on the grounds of... more on Wikipedia
  • Air Mali12

    Air Mali

    Air Mali, formerly Compagnie Aérienne du Mali, was an airline based in Mali that was formed by... more on Wikipedia
  • 13

    Air Mashriq

  • Air-taxi europe14

    Air-taxi europe

  • Airplay15


    In radio broadcasting, airplay is how frequently a song is being played on radio stations. A... more on Wikipedia
  • 16

    Aker Drilling

    Petroleum industry
    Aker Drilling, was a Norwegian drilling rig operation company; based in Stavanger, Norway and... more on Wikipedia
  • 17


    Fishing industry, Fresh and Frozen Seafood Processing
    Havfisk is a Norwegian Whitefish fishing, seafood processing and sale company that is part of... more on Wikipedia
  • Alfresco18


    Open source software, Content management system
    Alfresco is a collection of information management software products for Microsoft Windows and... more on Wikipedia
  • 19

    Alias Enterprises

    Alias Enterprises is a United States publishing company. Their main divisions are Alias Comics... more on Wikipedia
  • Ality20


    Ality Limited is a Hong Kong-based technology company that designs and develops technology... more on Wikipedia
  • Alterna Savings21

    Alterna Savings

    Financial Services
    Alterna Savings & Credit Union Ltd. is a Canadian credit union, formed in 2005 by the merger... more on Wikipedia
  • Altimo22


    Private equity, Telecommunications
    Altimo is the telecoms investment arm of Russia's Alfa Group Consortium, controlled by Russian... more on Wikipedia
  • 23

    Amp'd Mobile

    Amp'd Mobile was a mobile phone service launched in the United States in late 2005, and in... more on Wikipedia
  • 24

    Anglo Swiss Capital

    Anglo Swiss Capital Ltd is a principal investment and advisory company, privately owned and... more on Wikipedia
  • Anjunadeep25
    Anjunadeep is an independent label based in London, set up in 2005 by Above & Beyond. In its... more on Wikipedia