Companies Founded in Orlando

List of notable businesses founded in Orlando, listed alphabetically with corporate logos when available. This list includes some of the largest, most profitable companies that were founded in Orlando. The famous Orlando companies and corporations on this list include both public and private corporations. You can find information about the popular companies on this list, such as what industry they're part of. When available you can click on the successful Orlando company's names to find out even more about them.

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  • Bahama Breeze
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    Bahama Breeze is an American restaurant chain owned by Darden Restaurants. They specialize in Caribbean-inspired seafood, chicken, steaks, and tropical drinks.
  • Cloudspace is an Orlando, Florida based web and mobile development shop founded in 1996 by brothers Todd and John Sampsons.
  • Jacob Davis Productions

    JacobDavis Productions is an American company specializing in audience-participation productions for college and professional sporting and entertainment events. JacobDavis Productions is known for creating card stunts for the National Football League, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, College football games, and the U.S. Treasury Department. Card stunts are a pre-planned, coordinated sequence of actions performed by an audience where they raise cards, posters or banners that create a recognizable image when viewed from a distance; similar to a mosaic. Card stunts are also known as “Flip Card Stunts” or “Bleacher Stunts.” Card stunts have been used in stadiums and arenas to honor famous ...more
  • MyBlogLog was a social network for the blogger community that was based in part on interactions facilitated by a popular web widget that many members install on their blog. Bloggers signed up for free accounts on MyBlogLog and could initiate a blog community for one or more blogs they authored. Other registered members could subscribe to these communities, effectively bookmarking them for future reading and sharing them with their own contacts. Bloggers could then display widgets on their sites which show MyBlogLog online community members who had recently visited their page. These widgets also contained links to visiting members' community pages, and are one way in which users connected ...more
  • n-Space
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    n-Space is an American video game developer founded in 1994 by Erick S. Dyke, Dan O'Leary, and Sean Purcell. n-Space has a history of developing on nearly a dozen different platforms, but has mostly focused on Nintendo consoles—handhelds in particular—since 2001. The game Geist was a second-party project, developed in cooperation with Nintendo. In 2011, n-Space announced their largest project yet: developing an all-new property from the ground-up, made exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS in cooperation with Square Enix. This property is Heroes of Ruin and was launched in June 2012. In 2015, n-Space will be releasing their first independent titles, Sword Coast Legends with Digital Extremes. The ...more