Companies Founded in Reykjavik

List of notable businesses founded in Reykjavik, listed alphabetically with corporate logos when available. This list includes some of the largest, most profitable companies that were founded in Reykjavik. The famous Reykjavik companies and corporations on this list include both public and private corporations. You can find information about the popular companies on this list, such as what industry they're part of. When available you can click on the successful Reykjavik company's names to find out even more about them.

This list has everything from Landsbanki to Kaupthing Bank.

This list answers the questions, "What companies were founded in Reykjavik?" and "What are the biggest Reykjavik companies?"

If you're a Reykjavik native then this list of the biggest Reykjavik companies will make you proud. This list is also an excellent resource if you're doing research on reputable businesses from Reykjavik.

  • Arion Bank was established as a state-owned bank on the ruins of the Icelandic based operations of the former Kaupthing Bank and placed in control of the old bank's domestic assets and ...more
  • Bank of Iceland

    Bank of Iceland

    Íslandsbanki, is an Icelandic bank with roots tracing back to 1884, formerly being the domestic part of Glitnir banki hf., but on 15 October 2008 being split from the bankrupt Glitnir and ...more
  • Baugur Group

    Baugur Group

    Baugur Group was an Icelandic investment company. The group began as a supermarket and general retail company in Iceland, before diversifying to own a number of businesses at its peak, primarily in ...more
  • CCP Games
    Video game, Video game industry
    CCP hf or CCP Games is an Icelandic video game developer and publisher, majority owned by the company's staff and founders, Novator Partners and the American investment fund General Catalyst ...more
  • Dagsbrún
    Mass media, Telecommunications
    Dagsbrún is an Icelandic telecommunications and media conglomerate. It consists of following brands: Vodafone Iceland 365 Sena Wyndeham Press The Icelandic franchise of the Securitas security ...more
  • FRISK Software International

    FRISK Software International

    Computer security, Software
    FRISK Software International was an Icelandic software company that developed F-Prot antivirus and F-Prot AVES antivirus and anti-spam service. Its name is derived from the initial letters of the ...more