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Companies Founded in United States of America

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List of notable businesses founded in United States of America, listed alphabetically with corporate logos when available. This list includes some of the largest, most profitable companies that were founded in United States of America. The famous United States of America companies and corporations on this list include both public and private corporations. You can find information about the popular companies on this list, such as what industry they're part of. When available you can click on the successful United States of America company's names to find out even more about them.

List features items like Apple, General Electric and more!

This list answers the questions, "What companies were founded in United States of America?" and "What are the biggest United States of America companies?"

If you're a United States of America native then this list of the biggest United States of America companies will make you proud. This list is also an excellent resource if you're doing research on reputable businesses from United States of America.
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  • 51

    Abby Z.

    Abby Z. is a contemporary plus size design label founded by Abby Zeichner in 2004. The company...  more
  • 52

    ABC Studios

    Television Production
    ABC Studios is the television production division of Disney–ABC Television Group. ABC Studios...  more
  • 53
    Academy Sports + Outdoors is a sports goods discount store chain. For 74 years it was a...  more
  • 54

    Acadian Ambulance

    Ambulance Services
    Acadian Ambulance is an ambulance service that covers most of the state of Louisiana, parts of...  more
  • 55

    Acclaim Entertainment

    Video game, Interactive entertainment
    Acclaim Entertainment was an American video game developer and publisher. It developed,...  more
  • 56


    Health Care
    Acclarent, Inc. began as a privately held, venture-backed company, and is now a subsidiary of...  more
  • 57

    Mentor Corporation

    Orthopedic, Prosthetic
    Mentor Worldwide LLC is an American company that supplies surgical aesthetics products to...  more
  • 58


    Video game
    Accolade, Inc. was an American video game developer and publisher of the 1980s and 1990s....  more
  • 59

    Stewart Information Services Corporation

    Real Estate, Financial Services
    Stewart Information Services Corporation is a provider of title insurance and other real...  more
  • 60


    ACHIEVA, formerly Arc Allegheny, is western Pennsylvania's largest provider of comprehensive...
  • 61


    Retail, Grocery and Related Product Merchant Wholesalers
    SuperValu, Inc. is an American retailing company. The corporation, headquartered in the...  more
  • 62

    Acme Brick

    Distribution, Manufacturing
    Acme Brick Company is an American manufacturer and distributor of brick and masonry-related...  more
  • 63

    Trinity Industries

    Rail transport, Railroad Equipment
    Trinity Industries Inc. owns a variety of businesses which provide product and services to the...  more
  • 64

    Acme Markets

    Retail, Grocery Stores
    ACME Markets Inc. is a supermarket chain in the Delaware Valley metropolitan area in the...  more
  • 65


    Paints, Varnishes
    The Valspar Corporation is an international manufacturer of paint and coatings based in...  more
  • 66


    Software development
    Acquia is a software-as-a-service company co-founded by Dries Buytaert and Jay Batson to...  more
  • 67

    VSE Corporation

    Engineering Services
    VSE Corporation is a diversified technical services company formed in 1959. VSE employs over...  more
  • 68

    Acrocat Software

    Acrocat Software, is an American Corporation that was founded in 2001. Acrocat Software has...  more
  • 69


    Life insurance, Life Insurance
    Torchmark Corporation, founded in 1900 in Birmingham, Alabama and based in McKinney, Texas, is...  more
  • 70


    Acronis International GmbH is a private Swiss company which provides data protection solutions...  more
  • 71

    TrustCo Bank Corp NY

    State Commercial Banks
    Trustco Bank is a commercial bank within the United States. Trustco was founded in...  more
  • 72

    ActCentric Corporation

  • 73

    Action Ambulance

    Action Ambulance Service, Inc., based in Wilmington, Massachusetts, provides ambulance...  more
  • 74


    Video game
  • 75

    Active Enterprises

    Video game, Interactive entertainment
    Active Enterprises Ltd. is a defunct American video game developer headquartered in Miami,...  more