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Companies Headquartered in Iowa

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A list of Iowan companies. Many well known Iowa companies have been included. While this list isn't definitive, these are most of the top businesses in the state of Iowa. As a country, the United States has encouraged entrepreneurship throughout much of its history. The state of Iowa is no exception to this rule, and new businesses are started in Iowa daily, ranging from corporations to LLCs to partnerships to sole proprietorships. This list, however, is mostly focused on the largest corporations in the state of Iowa.
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    The A.Y. McDonald Manufacturing Company is a Dubuque, Iowa-based manufacturer of Waterworks Brass, Plumbing Valves, Pumps and Water Systems and High Pressure Gas Valves and Meter Bars. Scottish immigrant Andrew Young McDonald founded the company in 1856. The company was originally located in downtown Dubuque. In 1983, it moved to a new facility in a new industrial park on Dubuque's west end. In 1996 the plant's foundry was expanded so that production of brass castings could be increased. The company also maintains facilities in Albia, Iowa, Elizabethton, Tennessee, and Sparks, Nevada. In 2006 the company made the news when The Tonight Show host Jay Leno came to Dubuque to entertain the  ...more
    • Agriprocessors was the corporate identity of a slaughterhouse and meat-packaging factory based in Postville, Iowa, best known as a facility for the glatt kosher processing of cattle, as well as chicken, turkey, duck, and lamb. Agriprocessors' meat and poultry products were marketed under the brand Iowa Best Beef. Its kosher products were marketed under various labels, including Aaron’s Best, Shor Habor, Supreme Kosher and Rubashkins. The firm was founded and owned by Aaron Rubashkin, who purchased the meat-packing facility in 1987, and managed by two of his sons, Sholom Rubashkin and Heshy Rubashkin. Eventually it became the largest kosher meat-packing plant in the United  ...more
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        Casey's General Stores, Inc. is a chain of convenience stores in the Midwestern United States, primarily within the states of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas and Nebraska. The company is headquartered in Ankeny, Iowa; a suburb of Des Moines.  ...more
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          Dubuque Bank and Trust

          Dubuque Bank & Trust is a bank that is headquartered in Dubuque, Iowa, United States. Besides its main branch and other Dubuque locations, the bank has offices in the towns of Asbury; Epworth; Farley and Holy Cross, as well as an office in East Dubuque, Illinois. The bank is one of several banks owned by Dubuque-based Heartland Financial USA, Inc.  ...more