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Companies Named After Individuals

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List of companies named after individual people. Many companies derive their names from the individuals who founded the companies, or other important early contributors. (On occasion, the company is named as a tribute to an individual who is not directly involved in its founding, as with the fast food chain Wendy's, named for founder Dave Thomas's daughter, Melinda "Wendy" Thomas.)

Many of these famous names have now become recognizable brands, with consumers not even realizing that the name they have grown to recognize and trust once belonged to an individual person. (Who remembers that Tiffany & Co refers to Charles Lewis Tiffany?) In other cases, the founder remains as iconic as the business he or she started, as with Walt Disney and his animated films and theme parks, or Michael Dell and his eponymous computer firm.
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  • 26


    Named after Giovanni Ansaldo
  • 27

    The Anschutz Corporation

    Named after Philip Anschutz
  • 28

    Arai Helmet

    Named after Hirotake Arai
  • 29

    Archer Daniels

    Named after George A. Archer and John W. Daniels
  • 30


    Named after Franco Ambrosio, Alan Rees, Jackie Oliver, Dave Wass, and Tony Southgate
  • 31


    Named after Aguri Suzuki
  • 32


    Named after Egidio Arzani and Gianpaolo Volpini
  • 33

    AS Watson

    Named after Alexander Skirving Watson
  • 34

    Aston Butterworth

    Named after Bill Aston and Archie Butterworth
  • Aston Martin35

    Aston Martin

    Automotive industry
    Named after Lionel Martin
  • Audi36


    Motor Vehicles and Passenger Car Bodies, Automotive industry
    Named after August Horch
  • 37

    Avery Dennison Corporation

    Named after R. Stanton Avery
  • AviaBellanca Aircraft38

    AviaBellanca Aircraft

    Aircraft Manufacturing
    Named after Giuseppe Mario Bellanca
  • B & H Photo Video39

    B & H Photo Video

    Consumer electronics, Retail
  • B&Q40


    Named after Richard Block and David Quayle
  • Babolat41


    Sports equipment
    Named after Pierre Babolat
  • Bacardi42
    Named after Facundo Bacardi
  • 43


    Named after Karl Baedeker
  • Bajaj Auto44

    Bajaj Auto

    Automotive industry
    Named after Jamnalal Bajaj
  • 45

    Baker International

    Named after Reuben C. Baker
  • Baldwin Locomotive Works46

    Baldwin Locomotive Works

    Named after Matthias W. Baldwin
  • Ball Corporation47

    Ball Corporation

    Manufacturing, Metal Can Manufacturing
    Named after The Ball Brothers
  • Bandini Automobili48

    Bandini Automobili

    Automotive industry
    Named after Ilario Bandini
  • Bang & Olufsen49

    Bang & Olufsen

    Named after Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen
  • 50

    Bankable Productions

    Named after Tyra Banks