These Brands Took A Pledge Not To Retouch Models In A Show of Body Positivity

Brands that don't retouch their models may be small in number, but they are contributing to a much-needed shift in body positivity culture. Photoshopping in ads and magazines has become a toxic norm in the beauty/fashion industry, and celebrities and models alike are calling out brands that have shrunk their waist or made their breasts larger to fit an unrealistic beauty standard. 

Image alteration isn't a new concept by any stretch. Hollywood starlets like Audrey Hepburn and Joan Crawford saw their photos doctored too, which goes to show how deeply ingrained this harmful practice is in our culture.

Fortunately, these brands hope to change the way fashion, makeup, and more are presented. Their campaigns celebrate diverse body types, skin tones, genders, cultures, and styles, promoting body positivity and challenging the imagery the beauty industry has been selling for so long. They emulate the idea that fashion isn’t exclusive, and everyone has the right to feel confident, sexy, beautiful, and empowered.