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List of Companies That Hire Deaf People

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Looking for a new job? Look no further. This list rounds up the top companies that hire hearing impaired and deaf people, in a wide range of disciplines. The best companies that hire deaf people come in many forms. Some businesses that hire hearing impaired staff members specialize in higher learning while other organizations that hire deaf people make technology products. Many of the top companies that hire deaf people are in the medical industry.

What organizations will you find on this list of companies that hire deaf people? Boeing is one of the most well-known companies that hires the hearing impaired. The organization has been hiring deaf people for decades, especially for jobs in high-volume noise level conditions. Sprint is also a good company that hires the hearing impaired. Chicago Public Schools has been known to hire deaf people as well. Other notable organizations featured on this roundup of the top companies that hire deaf people include Sunbelt Staffing, Anixter Center, and All About Kids.

Which company seems like the best place to work? Read through this list and get in on the conversation in the comments section.

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    Aircraft Manufacturing, Aircraft
  • 2

    Center On Deafness

  • 3

    The Chicago Lighthouse

  • 4

    ASL Discoveries

  • 5

    Sunbelt Staffing

  • 6

    St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf

  • 7

    State of Washington

  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

    Chicago Public Schools

  • 11

    Columbus Colony Elderly Care

  • 12

    EDCO Collaborative

  • 13

    California State University

  • 14

    Trupanion Inc

  • 15

    Sinai Health System

  • 16

    Listening Partners, Inc

  • 17

    Los Angeles County

  • 18

    Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind

  • 19

    Albany Care

  • 20

    Boston Public Schools

  • 21

    Northeast Arc

  • 22

    The Institute for Person-Centered Enrichment

  • 23

    Lone Star College

  • 24

    L.A. Care Health Plan

  • 25

    CyraCom International Inc.