Crazy Embarrassing Things Companies Have Done To Try To Appeal To Millennials

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Hey there fellow youths, don’t you hate it when a corporation tries to market directly to you and your bae by pretending to be hip? The embarrassing things companies have done to win over millennials range from trying too hard on social media to going all-out on crazy millennial ad campaigns. If only these companies would keep things 100 they would find out that youngs everywhere appreciate honesty and would love to give them their money.

In an era of millennials killing everything by not spending that sweet cash, it’s important for companies to get on their good side. How businesses try to woo millennials has been a constant source of conversation for advertisers. Do you use emojis? How about slang? What the eff do these kids today like? So many companies try to lure millennials, and fail horribly (and hilariously) in the process.