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Companies with Highest Paid Salary Employees

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Looking for a new job? Use this list of the companies with the highest paid salary employees to help you making a decision. Because where better to find a job than on this list of the best companies to work for? The highest paying companies include everything from the top paying jobs in construction to the highest paying pharmaceutical companies. The employers that pay these high salary wages are unsurprisingly often cited as productive and positive businesses in their respective communities. Obviously, people who work at these businesses are relatively well-off and in good care. It's not all high-tech and finance - there are multiple energy companies in the top ten.

What companies have the highest salaries? What businesses have the top earning employees? The list includes representative samples of other salaries from great companies but the highest salaries are near the top. To get more details on the companies in this list by viewing Fortune's Best Companies to work for list
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