Complete List of Popes

Who was the first pope of the Catholic Church? How many popes have their been? This list of popes in order from first pope, St. Peter, to the current Pope Francis will answer those questions and more! This pope list even comes complete with photos. So which Catholic popes are the most important in all of history? Pope John Paul II was certainly one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century. As the head of the Roman Catholic Church and the Bishop of Rome, it is the pope's duty to spread the gospel of Jesus from the Vatican and interpret God's will so Catholics may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

This list of all popes is ordered chronologically but can also be sorted alphabetically, just click on the name. Many popes, especially the earlier ones in this Papal timeline, achieved sainthood and are revered to this day. This list will answer the question "can you name every single Pope?" Now you'll be able to impress all of your friends with your indelible pope knowledge, or at least learn a few more things about the past leaders of the Catholic Church.
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