Adorably Naive Music Fans Share The Songs That Seem Innocent But Are Actually Wildly Inappropriate

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Music fans are taking to social media to confess their mistakes when it comes to misunderstood song lyrics. From classic Madonna tunes to hits from Coachella headliners, here are the songs that were adorably misunderstood by fans young and old. Vote up the tunes that had you turned around. 

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    'Poker Face' By Lady Gaga

    From Redditor u/PsychologicalPen1604:

    "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga. She said it's actually about having sex with a man while she’s thinking about a woman.

    It floored me that there is a hidden lyric that a lot of radio stations didn’t censor because they didn’t hear it (Gaga confirmed it.)

    Here is Gaga confirming it.

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  • From Redditor u/AggravatingControl43:

    "The Macarena." It's a song about a woman having a threesome with her boyfriend's friends.

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    'Layla' By Eric Clapton

    From Redditor u/tamarka:

    “Layla” is about wanting to nail George Harrison's wife.

    From Redditor u/TeamBombSquad:

    I remember reading about how badly he wanted Pattie Boyd and developed a heroin addiction when he couldn’t have her.

    Then he finally nabs her and then…knocks up his mistress.

    I have never understood this.

    From Redditor u/Barbed_D:

    Many years later George Harrison was being interviewed and was asked how he knew Eric Clapton.

    “We shared the same wife…”

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    'Hallelujah' By Leonard Cohen

    From Redditor u/max40Wses:

    A lot of people still think "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen is religious just because of the word “hallelujah.”

    From Redditor u/Prince_Edward_IV:

    Remember when I moved in you

    And the holy dove was moving too

    And every breath we drew was


    Always seemed blatantly obvious to me…

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    'Cake By The Ocean' By DNCE

    From Redditor u/ragbagger:

    As I understand it from an interview, the inspiration from this song was listening to German tourists trying to order shots at the bar. They were trying to describe the name but it got lost in translation and came out as “cake by the ocean.”

    The drink they were actually trying to order?

    Sex on the beach.

    Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. Back to this week’s countdown.

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    'Shake Rattle and Roll' By Big Joe Turner

    From Redditor u/Cipius:

    The original version of “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” is pretty raunchy. Check out this verse:

    I'm like a one-eyed cat peepin' in a seafood store

    I'm like a one-eyed cat peepin' in a seafood store

    Well, I can look at you an' tell you ain't no child no more.

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