Completely Unnecessary Explosions You Need Right Now  

Ashley Reign
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Life can be pretty boring. Even if you your skateboard tricks or acrobatic cat are the coolest on the block, you might notice that no one else wants to watch a video of them. What's an aspiring action star to do? Add in some over-the-top special effects to up the danger factor, of course! After all, who couldn’t use a few more exciting moments, daring adventures, and even a few unnecessary explosions every now and then, just to keep things interesting? These explosion GIFs prove life is way more fun when you give it the Michael Bay treatment.

From animals who narrowly escaped life-ending danger to unsuspecting people who got turned into human bombs, these unnecessary explosions could happen to just about anyone. So the next time you wish you spent a little more time living in the fast line or cheating death, just know that a (fake) explosion could be just around the corner. Until then, content yourself with these dramatic exploding GIFs..
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