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13 Complicated Stand Abilities From Jojo's That Are Hard To Understand

August 31, 2020 1.3k votes 176 voters 4k views13 items

Most of the characters in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure have powers called Stands, which they generate from their bodies to fight for them. Every Stand has a unique ability - and some of these abilities are super weird and super confusing. 

What are the most confusing Stands in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? That depends on who you ask, but nine times out of ten somebody is going to mention King Crimson, Diavolo's Stand. It can erase time, but also see into the future - exactly how it does its thing can be super hard to track. Other abilities like Weather Report seem basic, but then have a totally wild add-on: Weather Report controls the weather, but also transforms people into snails. 

These baffling Stands are part of what makes this series so special - sure, you'll have to pay close attention to them to keep track of what's going on, but that can be a trade-off when the powers are this creative and unique. They're confusing, but they're also badass and delightful. Which one confused you the most? 

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    Dragon's Dream

    Kenzou's Stand, Dragon's Dream, doesn't actually do any fighting itself. Rather, it draws on the principles of Feng Shui to point to lucky and unlucky spots that he can exploit to make it more likely that he'll be able to defeat his opponents. Once a spot has been identified, he can enter the space inside the ring and use it to teleport his limbs to the spot of his choosing.

    But Dragon's Dream doesn't actually care if Kenzou wins or loses. While the information it provides is often to his advantage, his opponents can also use it to predict his movements once they figure out the pattern. Dragon Dream is a useful tool, but one that can also easily be turned against its user. 

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    Civil War

    Civil War is confined to the closed space of a garbage dump, but if you find yourself within its territory, you're in huge trouble - that is, as long as there's anything you feel guilty about. Civil War uses its targets' feelings of guilt to manifest someone or something they've abandoned, harmed, or otherwise felt guilty about. Whoever or whatever it summons is used to attack the target, both physically and by fusing into a membrane that they try to engulf them with. The membrane shrinks until the target is completely flattened by it. Contact with the guilt-object causes the target to remember everything about their guilty feelings. The only way to dispel the objects is through water. 

    The Stand has another layer: if anyone in Civil War's territory - or Axl RO himself - is destroyed by the target, they can be resurrected and used to attack the person who took their life. This can be circumvented if the killer doesn't feel any guilt about what they did.  

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    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, also known as D4C, is the Stand belonging to Funny Valentine, the 23rd President of the United States. D4C lets Funny Valentine travel from one dimension to another by positioning his body between two objects. He can also pull and swap people with the alternate dimensional versions of themselves. That's how he was able to confuse everyone about who shot Johnny Joestar - he brought alternate versions of Diego and Wekapipo into the world, tricking them into thinking they were shooting each other while they were actually shooting Johnny. 

    But D4C also has another impressive ability: Love Train. Love Train only works while Lucy Steele is around, since it utilizes a powerful light that comes from her body. This light redirects any misfortune that comes Funny Valentine's way, and has it manifest as a disaster effecting somebody else instead.

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    King Crimson

    King Crimson is a complex and multifaceted Stand that's notorious for being one of the most confusing ones out there. This is partially because of not-so-clear fan translation, and partially because of the Stand itself.

    Diavolo can use it for raw combat, but that's not its most noteworthy feature. The Stand can erase up to 10 seconds of whatever time frame Diavolo chooses, meaning that everything that happened within that time frame is gone and nobody has any memory of it - except, of course, for Diavolo. Afterward, the target will find themselves in whatever situation Diavolo made sure to put them in. 

    Using Epitaph, Diavolo can make predictions up to 10 seconds into the future. While he can't change the outcome, he can find ways to minimize damage, or even avoid it altogether if he uses his Stand to erase the right time frame.