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The worst things about condoms are that they're prone to failure, breaking, and misuse. Most people know how to put them on and use them correctly, but if you don't, trouble can follow. How often do condoms break? As often as you use them incorrectly. Even so, some of the worst stories aren't about when a condom broke, but about people who are just really stupid and probably shouldn't be procreating.

Goofing around with them, not getting rid of them properly (or at all), using them for pranks or to get high... there are plenty of ways to have a really bad time with condoms. Not to mention that most depraved practice of them all - poking holes in them.

Here are some of the worst (or at least most embarrassing) condom stories out there. Some involve condoms breaking, and some just involve people who should never have children.

Guy Puts Condom on Head, Huffs Nitrous, Dies Happy

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31-year-old Brighton, England resident Gary Ashbrook was found dead by his roommate, after apparently killing himself huffing nitrous oxide while wearing a condom pulled over his head. Oh, and he was naked. Sadly, Ashbrook had been disowned by his family for being gay and HIV positive, which likely led him down the path to dangerous sadomasochism.

"Snap On My Rod"

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From "Willoughby" on, in all its (sic) glory:

"Had one explode on me once, i was just humping away missionary style and i felt somthing snap on my rod, like a rubber band.

So i pulled out and it looked like a fire cracker had went off in the rubber, there were little peices everywhere, whats worse is when you gotta dig for the damn things in a girl.

Her expression was priceless though.

 "Uh oh"
 uh oh what???
 what happen?!?!?It fcking exploded
 "brix shatting"

Brix shatting, indeed.


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In March 2013, Chicago resident Anishi Spencer took her children to a McDonald's in the area, where her two-year-old son found a condom in the Play Place. Being two, he decided to eat it. The mom only found out because the child proceeded to cough up the contraceptive.

Spencer filed a $50,000 lawsuit against McDonald's Corporation and the individual restaurant for failing to keep "hazardous materials from areas open to children [...] as well as failing to use surveillance or inspection to detect deviant activities."

Tradition! Tradition!

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From BuzzFeed reader "angievalentine":

“After my first time, my boyfriend thought he’d be goofy…by slapping me in the face with the used condom. In his dead grandmother’s Subaru. In the mall parking lot.

We did get breakfast foods afterward and watched Fiddler on the Roof so…all good…?”

Just like they did in the old country.