27 Mind-Bending Photos Taken From A Confusing Perspective

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Ready to have your brain broken? Culled from the subreddit r/confusingperspective, these photos have us wondering what reality even is anyway?

Photo: u/MrLazyTiger / Reddit

  • 1. Cloudy With A Chance Of Windows

    Cloudy With A Chance Of Windows
    Photo: u/Kelly240361 / Reddit
    674 votes
  • 2. Mount Doom

    Mount Doom
    Photo: u/MrCheapCheap / Reddit
    540 votes
  • 3. Jack Nicholson In 'Wolf'

    Jack Nicholson In 'Wolf'
    Photo: u/Tronoid / Reddit
    437 votes
  • 4. A Lake Of Lies

    A Lake Of Lies
    Photo: u/Nipunski / Reddit
    471 votes
  • 5. Asymmetrical Wrestler

    Asymmetrical Wrestler
    Photo: u/Strike_Gently / Reddit
    407 votes
  • 6. Earthworm Jim Lives

    Earthworm Jim Lives
    Photo: u/MrLazyTiger / Reddit
    478 votes