32 Brain-Glitching Photos That Were Actually Just Taken From A Weird Angle

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Vote up the photos that make your brain glitch most.

Looks can be deceiving and angles can be confusing, but these photos found over the past month take that to a whole new level. Vote on the pictures below that have you doing a double-take.

  • 1. Criss Cross, Apple Sauce

    Criss Cross, Apple Sauce
    Photo: u/Dylfonda / Reddit
    106 votes
  • 2. Man's Best Friend

    Man's Best Friend
    Photo: u/themdubbyfries / Reddit
    83 votes
  • 3. Affectionate Mother Nature

    Affectionate Mother Nature
    Photo: u/drdessertlover / Reddit
    78 votes
  • 4. The Shadows Change Everything

    The Shadows Change Everything
    Photo: u/gromulin / Reddit
    79 votes
  • 5. The Magic Of A Mirror

    The Magic Of A Mirror
    Photo: u/d0bdish18 / Reddit
    71 votes
  • 6. Anubis Spotting

    Anubis Spotting
    Photo: u/qohelet1212 / Reddit
    73 votes