18 Confusing Photos That Somehow Feel More Like Black Magic Than Reality

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From lenticular paintings to a painted wall working as coincidental camouflage, here are some images that feel a lot more like there's some black magic going on than not. Enjoy!

  • 1. Brilliant Camouflage

    Brilliant Camouflage
    Photo: u/pietety / Reddit
    2,283 votes
  • 2. Whoa

    Photo: u/JelaniKazu / Reddit
    2,165 votes
  • 3. Hmm

    Photo: u/JustThinkAboutThings / Reddit
    2,040 votes
  • 4. Vin Diesel Approved

    Vin Diesel Approved
    Photo: u/Mierdo01 / Reddit
    1,635 votes
  • 5. There's A Truck In This Picture

    There's A Truck In This Picture
    Photo: u/Sprok56 / Reddit
    2,478 votes
  • 6. Lenticular Link

    Lenticular Link
    Photo: u/OMGLMAOWTF_com / Reddit
    1,347 votes