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18 Things Most People Don't Know About Conjoined Twins Abby And Brittany

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You may have heard of Abby and Brittany Hensel before, either on Oprah, in Time Magazine, or on their TLC TV special. For those who don't know about these two sisters, though, Abigail and Brittany Hensel are a set of conjoined twins that share a body but have two separate heads. They are completely different people; they simply happen to share a torso, arms, and legs. This, naturally, raises a lot of questions, and the Hensel twins have many times offered to answer some of the more common questions the public is dying to know.

Of course, there are some questions that are awkward to ask or just don't have easy answers. How do conjoined twins live together, and what do they do for a job? How do they eat, use the bathroom, or even pursue romance? Contained here are the answers to some of these questions, and many of them are surprisingly simple.

So, if you're curious about these two young ladies, often mistaken as one person, keep reading. Abby and Brittany are definitely miraculous in more ways than you might imagine.  

  • The Twins Have Different Walks

    Because they both control different halves of the body, the girls sometimes have very different styles of doing things. That includes walking, even though they have to do it together, in coordination, every day.

    Abby tends to walk with the flats of her feet as she moves. Brittany, on the other hand, likes walking in her tip-toes, which means her side of the walk is a little bouncier. Not all of this is due to stride preference, though, as Brittany's leg is shorter than Abby's, making tiptoes somewhat of a necessity. You can see a slight difference in their gate if you watch their TV specials.

  • A Seamstress Helps Their Clothes Match Their Personalities

    Just because the girls share a body, doesn't mean they share all their tastes or fashion preferences. One of the girls may like to pig out on junk food, while the other prefers to sleep, and the girls definitely prefer different styles of clothing.

    Abby's the first to explain the twins don't always see eye to eye on matters of fashion:

    We definitely have different styles. Brittany's a lot more like neutrals and pearls and stuff like that and I would rather have it be more fun and bright and colorful.

  • They Didn't Cheat On Tests... Did They?

    When they were young, the girls were interviewed and went out of their way to answer questions that they heard frequently. A lot of questions had to do with their education, which was largely facilitated by one specific teacher. Connie Stahlke, their teacher, would give them the option to work individually or collaborate on assignments and projects, depending on what was easiest for them. They each took separate tests, however, and both girls said emphatically that they never cheated when they took those exams.

    In a video interview going over similar questions, though, they answered slyly that they sometimes cheated on their tests. So who knows!

  • They Graduated From Bethel University In 2012

    After high school, the girls initially thought they would go for different degrees in separate lines of work. Abby was good at math, and Brittany was good at writing, so doing different things sort of made sense. When the girls started attending Bethel University, however, they realized they had a shared passion: education.

    They graduated with two separate degrees in education in 2012. Their aim at the time was to become a teacher for grade school students, with an emphasis in mathematics.