11 Killers Who Brought Their Victims In and Out of Consciousness

It takes a sick person to be a serial killer, but it takes a really sick person to draw out the act, photograph the process, make conversation with the victim, and bring them in and out of consciousness. These brutal killers belong to a distinct breed of monsters - the ones who enjoy sadism and prolonged agony, vicious men who woke their victims up for more, lied to them about their chances, or about what had happened to them, and where they were.

Whether it's the promise of escape, the variety of techniques used, or the disorientation that comes with such trauma, the element of hope was always there, making these cases particularly gruesome. Victims regained consciousness, only to lose it again. Sometimes this process took minutes, sometimes days. These killers (this list only focuses on men, but that doesn't mean women aren't capable of cruelty) conjure up our deepest fears. They sexualized the pain and despair, and many had special rooms and tools prepared to maximize the suffering of their victims.

Most of them looked like us, acted like us, and some even exhibited bits of charm and personality. Many had families of their own, and jobs, which they performed diligently. The BTK Killer was a churchgoing census field operations supervisor with a wife and kids. The Muswell Hill Murderer was a security guard, who was active in the trade union movement. The Bike Path Killer enjoyed gardening, factory work, and coaching little league baseball.

Keep reading below to see the horrible ways these seemingly normal men tortured their victims by toying with them as they drifted in and out of consciousness.