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Actresses You May Not Have Realized Are Republican

Updated April 27, 2021 329.3k views68 items

List RulesOnly actresses who have shown or mentioned in interviews public support for Republican candidates or conservative causes at some point in their career.

This is a list of conservative actresses who identify as Republicans. You will recognize a lot of the actresses who are Republican, but you may not have previously known their party choice.  

This list includes both actresses who have declared themselves to be full-fledged conservatives, as well as actresses who have at one point publicly supported a Republican candidate or candidates, or even run for office like Tracy Scoggins. Many but not all female Republican celebrities are listed here – the list doesn’t include journalists, for example.

Patricia Heaton is an example of one of the famous conservative actresses. You may be surprised by some of the stars on this celebrity Republicans list. For example, Laura Prepon from Orange is the New Black is one of the celebs who are Republicans. Sarah Michelle Gellar is another Republican actress. 

You can check out this list for all Republican celebrities, including singers, writers, and TV personalities.