The Best Conspiracy Shows On TV Right Now

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TV shows should feature some conspiracy that the characters are part of or are trying to figure out; list should only include shows currently airing new episodes or expected to return

What are the best conspiracy thrillers on TV right now in ? This list needs your votes! From broadcast networks to premium cable channels, there are more options than ever for conspiracy theorists and thriller fans alike.

One of the most popular conspiracy shows on TV now is The Blacklist, which airs on NBC. Current conspiracy TV shows can be appropriate for kids (like Gravity Falls), or appeal to teens (Pretty Little Liars). Solving a major crime is no easy task, especially if it takes several seasons. That’s why the return of The X-Files is so highly anticipated. On FX, the critically-acclaimed Fargo can provide your weekly dose of conspiracy. The same can be said for Quantico, which is a major conspiracy show that premiered on ABC in 2015.

These shows are airing right now and you still have the chance to catch up! After all, there’s a good chance the conspiracy won’t be solved until the entire series comes to an end.