10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Actually Be 100% True  

Jadyn Beyer

Everyone has that one friend-of-a-friend who loves to spout conspiracy theories, but sometimes the truth is actually stranger than fiction. They may sound off-the-wall ridiculous, but the conspiracy theories in the video below are all 100 percent true.

There are an endless number of bizarre conspiracy theories in the world, ranging from the government assassination of JFK to Avril Lavigne dying ten years ago and being replaced with a body double named Melissa. As unlikely as those might be, it's seemingly just as unlikely that the government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition...right?

How long have tobacco companies known that smoking cigarettes causes cancer? And have we already seen a first female president without being aware of it?

Watch the video below for a grisly view into our twisted government, and don't forget to tell that friend-of-a-friend that they actually got one right this time.