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With a new year comes new conspiracy theories that either sound too ridiculous to be true or strangely logical enough to be real. Many of these 2017 conspiracy theories are either updated or continued from the conspiracy theories in 2016, particularly due to Donald Trump winning the presidential election. Along with the ever-popular conspiracy theory of the Illuminati pulling all the strings, this list of possible conspiracies also includes potential plans for the Trump administration. 

This year's conspiracy theories involve secret government workings, acts of terrorism, hoax shootings, and signs leading to the world's end. Even a few celebrities like Kanye West and Jay-Z are mentioned on this list of the latest conspiracy theories. Whether you're a skeptic or a conspiracy theorist, some of these "conspiracies" will seem laughable, impossible, or downright scary.   

Here are the conspiracy theories that are most likely to make the news in 2017. Vote up the ones you think will also be a thing, but be careful - they're watching. Always. 

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NASA Will Continue To Lie To Us About Space Anomalies

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If you've been keeping tabs on NASA since the "moon landing" then you know that there's nothing those egg heads love more than to keep regular, hard working Americans in the dark about what they're up to and what's happening in space that could affect our daily lives. A few days into January 2017 something was picked up on radar that left a hole in our sun, yet NASA has been mum on what it is that ricocheted off of the sun. Could it have been a UFO? A planet? Why won't NASA be honest for once?

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There's Going To Be A Giant Earthquake In 2017

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Do you own a water pump? How many cans of food do you have in your pantry right now? Are you the highest bidder on a year's supply of MREs on eBay? You better hope so because according to all the very cool dudes at the Time Cross Project 2017 is going to be the year that a massive earthquake and tsunami hit the earth

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The Mainstream Media Is Going To Shut Down Alternate Media

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Doesn't this sound like something the LAMEstream media would do? All they want to do is shove their version of the truth down out throats without letting the little guy and his lack of credible sources put his vision out into the world. But how will they discredit alternate media sites? Easy, by creating their own alternate media sites that post false news in order to make the rest of sites look like they're run by crazy people, and possibly even get them sued for libel, thus running them out of business. That idea is just so crazy it just might work.

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False Flag Attacks On False Flag Attacks

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What's worse? Week after week of mass shootings and our inability to cope with the idea that mentally ill people and highly disturbed people are able to get their hands on deadly weapons which they use to carry out attacks on innocent people? Or the possibility that none of those attacks happen and they're all hoaxes perpetrated by the anti-gun lobby in order to frighten law makers into outlawing firearms?* As much as 2016 was full of fake spree killings and crisis actors, expect 2017 to be an even busier year for these kind of false flag operations

*It's the first thing.