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7 Thought-Provoking Historical Conspiracy Theories About Queen Elizabeth I

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Queen Elizabeth I is considered to be one of England’s greatest and most popular monarchs. She was a patron of the arts, promoted English power around the globe - and might not have been what she seemed. As is the case for any member of royalty, there are numerous conspiracies about her. While these rumors about Queen Elizabeth might not be as far-fetched as the one about her descendant Queen Elizabeth II being a lizard, they’re every bit as fascinating.

Queen Elizabeth’s reign was called England’s Golden Age for a reason. Under her rule, the English Renaissance reached new heights with the flourishing of poetry, music, literature, and of course, thanks to William Shakespeare, theater. It was also a great age of exploration and stability. The Queen herself was described as being intelligent, charming, and a natural leader. During a time when women were regarded as second-class citizens, she managed to lead her country into one of its most prosperous periods.

Some of these Queen Elizabeth conspiracy theories have been circulating since the time of her reign, proving that the public’s love of royals and scandal is nothing new. Read on to discover the incredible conspiracies about her life and rule.

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