Weird History Almost Every Major Conspiracy Theory You've Ever Heard Was Created By One Man  

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Milton William Cooper was one of America's most prolific and vocal conspiracy theorists. The theories from Behold a Pale Horse, his 1991 manifesto, earned him many devoted followers even as it spread outrage across the nation. His controversial claims about AIDS, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, aliens, and the Illuminati's plans for a New World Order sparked fierce debates and calls for proof.

For Cooper, facts were not as important as getting his version of the truth out into the world. As wild as some of his claims were, he claimed to have made many correct predictions and believed that he was spreading truth to "sheeple" who were being duped by the United States government. 

He died in a police shootout in 2001, but his theories still live on in various forms.

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He Theorized That AIDS Was Created By The Government

Cooper theorized the HIV/AIDS virus was created by the United States government in order to control African Americans. He believed it was administered to both African Americans and homosexual men via hepatitis-B vaccinations. And he didn't believe the US government was alone in this effort – he also claimed that aliens, the Jewish population, Freemasons, and the Illuminati were involved.

Cooper alleged there was a cure available, but it would only be publicized "when enough people had died." His promotion of this particular conspiracy theory brought him a high level of condemnation, since it was seen as interfering with the legitimate work scientists were doing to find a cure for the deadly disease.

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He Claimed Kennedy Was Assassinated To Cover Up Government Dealings With Extraterrestrials

In Behold a Pale Horse, Cooper claimed that as President Kennedy announced plans to put a man on the Moon, there was already a joint US-Russia-alien Moon base in place. He believed that Kennedy's promotion of the space program allowed money to be secretly funneled into "black projects," which were conducted with cooperation from alien life forms.

Cooper wrote that "President Kennedy discovered portions of the truth concerning the drugs and the aliens," and believed that Kennedy's insistence on revealing the truth to the American people is why he was killed.

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He Popularized The Theory Of The "New World Order"

Cooper believed the governments of the world were essentially planning a totalitarian socialist takeover. He said that all secret societies claiming to be "illuminated" were in fact branches of the Illuminati, and their goal was "to rule the world." In Cooper's vision, those societies would slowly begin working together to eventually accomplish their goal.

He wrote that the New World Order would be set up by the Vatican, placing the Pope in the highest position of power. Their mission was to bring peace. He advised readers of Behold a Pale Horse to start brushing up on their knowledge of Christianity.

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He Said Kennedy's Driver Fired A Second Fatal Shot

Many conspiracy theorists have argued over the years that there were two shooters involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Cooper promoted the theory that the second shooter was actually in the car – Kennedy's driver, a WWII Navy veteran originally from the UK named William Robert Greer.

In footage of the event, Greer's hand appears to reach back toward the president. Some claim that he is holding a handgun, firing the second and deadly shot from close range while everyone is distracted. Cooper even added that all those near enough to see Greer pull the trigger were murdered within two years of the assassination.