Graveyard Shift

A Breakdown Of The Conspiracy Theory That The Moon Landing Was Faked

The 1969 moon landing, accomplished by the United States of America and watched by the entire world, is one of the most iconic moments in human history. Spurred on by the words of President Kennedy and the rivalry of the Space Race with the Soviets, the Americans put together their best minds and bravest individuals to pull off a feat many thought was impossible, and on the first try, to boot. However, there are those who would have you believe all the Americans really pulled off was a massive moon landing hoax. Various moon landing conspiracy theories abound, but most center around the idea that the US merely staged and filmed a fake moon landing in order to score a victory against their Cold War opponents.

To be clear, there is no hard evidence that the original moon landing, nor any subsequent lunar missions, was falsified in any way, and there is a mountain of evidence to prove that it did, in fact, occur. However, the conspiracy still lives on, and belief in it may actually be growing. It stands to reason that there are at least a few pieces of the theory that continue to be convincing to a modern audience.