Twitter People Think Trump Is Using A Melania Double And The Internet Is Seriously Freaking Out About It  

Mick Jacobs
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Most people with eyes and an ability to read body language understand Melania Trump appears to have little affection for her husband, and may even be stuck in a hostage situation. But this claim rose to new heights when Twitter users began positing that a Melania Trump body double accompanied Donald Trump to a press conference. For reasons known only to producers advisors in the White House, a fake Melania Trump allegedly joined Trump in what would make extremely strange case of political decoys. Why exactly would Melania Trump not want to join her husband? Wait, don't answer that.

To claim a Melania Trump stunt-double took her place implies another woman is willing to get that close to Donald Trump, an implication about as believable as Pizzagate. Then again, given the spectacular circus that is the Trump administration so far, this somehow still manages to work its way into political discussion. Perhaps behind the First Lady exists a Second Lady too. Or maybe the camera just adds 10 years. You be the judge.

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