The Best Contemporary Christian Artists

Contemporary Christian bands don't always sing about their faith, but they do have Christian themes in their music. This list of the top contemporary Christian music bands in the world includes all musicians who are making some of the best Christian songs across the charts and have released recordings that have gotten distribution. These are truly the greatest contemporary Christian music bands of all time, with the order decided by actual fans of the best contemporary Christian music.

The Christian singers featured on this list include superstars ranging from TobyMac to Carrie Underwood and Lauren Daigle, as well as other famous Christian singer-songwriters. Make sure to rock the vote by voting up the greatest artists on this list, and don't forget to vote for all of the Christian band names whom you recognize and love.

This list includes all new contemporary Christian music bands, as well as older artists and groups, and serves as an accurate compilation of the best examples of contemporary Christian music, as well as a good place to start if you're asking yourself, or friends, exactly how to get into contemporary Christian music music.

So, who are the best contemporary Christian music bands of all time, and who is the greatest contemporary Christian music musician ever?

Whether you’re a pious and dedicated follower of contemporary Christian music or you recently joined the flock, please vote for the best contemporary Christian groups and artists based on the quality of their music and artistry, rather than just their popularity or fame.  

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