Impressive Continuity Details That Prove The DCEU Deserves More Credit

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The DC Extended Universe brings some of the most admired comic book heroes in history to the big screen. Wonder Woman and Man of Steel let individual characters shine, where collaborative efforts are at the heart of Justice League and Suicide Squad. One thing all these movies have in common, though, is an incredible sense of continuity. Sometimes this comes from within a single film, like when we see Bruce Wayne studying Superman's fighting style in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, then watch him expertly counter those same attacks later on. Other great continuity moves stretch from one film to another. Again, in Batman v Superman, the villain Doomsday has a scar on their face, which was inherited from the body of Zod, who earned the scar in Man of Steel. There are even some really fun minor bits, like how Panda Man makes a sneaky second appearance in Suicide Squad.

If you're the type of superhero cinephile who loves to connect the dots, check out this list of truly impressive continuity details from the DCEU.