20 People That Burnt Us With Their Truly Controversial Food Hot Takes

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It's pretty common for different people to have varying tastes in food. The pinapple on pizza debate has been going on since the internet was invented. However, as more people share their increasingly controversial food opinions, pinapple doesn't seem as polarizing. We dug into the depths of r/askreddit and found food hot takes that redefine the term "controversial opinion."

  • 1. Muffins V Cupcakes

    Muffins V Cupcakes
    Photo: r/Zealousidealday76 / Reddit
  • 2. Cocktail Glass Decor

    Cocktail Glass Decor
    Photo: r/Ill_Barracuda4929 / Reddit
  • 3. No Boundaries For Meal Types

    No Boundaries For Meal Types
    Photo: r/SeemytrVASF / Reddit
  • 4. Cheesecake's Identity Crisis

    Cheesecake's Identity Crisis
    Photo: r/SIMBONEGTP / Reddit
  • 5. Breakfast Soup

    Breakfast Soup
    Photo: r/Eri-The-Bear / Reddit
  • 6. Never Heat Your Leftovers

    Never Heat Your Leftovers
    Photo: r/shedontknowjack / Reddit