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15 Controversial Horror Movie Endings That Fans STILL Argue About

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Vote up the movie endings you're still fighting with friends about.

Endings are hard. Ask just about any storyteller, and they'll tell you that few things are more challenging than sticking the landing. That goes double with horror movies, which often build to a crescendo that has to both one-up what came before and also tie up everything in an adequately satisfying knot - plus often set us up for a potential sequel. That might be why so many horror movies have controversial endings.

Sometimes, it's a case of the film maybe going too far - or not far enough. Other times, it might be that the setup for a sequel was handled inelegantly, it might be a twist that proved divisive, or it might just be that the ending was bad. Whatever the case, these are some of the horror movie endings we love to argue about, so vote up the ones you're still debating about with your horror-loving friends.