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Vicky Choy
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There's more to Super Bowl Sunday than tackles, touchdowns, and beer. While a lot of football fans tune in to see the NFL's top teams compete for the ultimate title, other viewers are much more interested in the commercials that air between plays. The Super Bowl is often where companies' best commercials make their debut, and snagging one of those prime spots is not cheap. Maybe that's why the companies behind these controversial Super Bowl ads went for crazy, outlandish, or offensive themes - at least it guaranteed their commercials would be talked about!

Among the many funny and innovative ads that have aired during the big game, there have also been some serious clunkers. Some controversial Super Bowl commercials even sparked huge backlash on social media, and prompted companies to pull the spots. There have even been a handful of banned Super Bowl commercials that were either too risque or too shocking to air during the nation’s most watched show of the year.

From not-so-funny ads that just fell flat to spots featuring off-limits topics or offensive stereotypes, these are some of the worst Super Bowl commercials of all time. Vote up the ones you found most controversial!

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Nationwide Insurance Dead Kid Commercial

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During Super Bowl 2015, Nationwide Insurance shocked everyone by debuting a commercial about a dead child. Instead of being poignant and impactful, it shocked and depressed a nationwide audience and became one of the most controversial Super Bowl commercials of all time.

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For Carl's Jr., All-Natural Is Another Word for Naked

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Model Charlotte McKinney may like going au naturale, but many parents didn’t appreciate this borderline soft porn 2015 Super Bowl ad featuring a nakid Charlotte (although we bet their teenage sons did).
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Dove Pro-Age Campaign

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In a 2007 Super Bowl commercial, Dove attempted to make a point by showing naked older women who boldly proclaimed that although they may be too old to be in an anti-aging ad, they were perfect to be in Dove's pro-aging campaign. Unfortunately the audience just got stuck on the "too old to be in an anti-aging ad" part.
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Geriatric Love from

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Why this 2013 ad made the list of banned Super Bowl commercials is anybody’s guess, since nothing happens except for two old people innocently touching. Most likely, any company with the word “porn” in its name isn’t ready for prime time.