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There's ANOTHER Controversial Tiger Park In Oklahoma, But 'Tiger King' Didn't Talk About It

23 Apr 2020 6.6k views11 items

Netflix's documentary series Tiger King primarily follows the many harebrained adventures of Joseph Maldonado-Passage - more commonly known as Joe Exotic - and the G.W. Zoo in Wynnewood, OK, that he owned and ran before getting thrown in prison. Among other things, he was convicted of unlawful animal trading and handling, as well as breaching the Endangered Species Act. As it turns out, Joe Exotic wasn't the only person accused of running a controversial tiger park in the state of Oklahoma. 

Bill Meadows, owner of Tiger Safari Zoological Park in Tuttle, OK, is no stranger to accusations of misdeeds. Meadows's tiger safari park has been investigated multiple times due to allegations of animal mistreatment.

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