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16 Secrets Convenience Store Owners Don't Want You to Know

It's 2 am and you've spent the better part of your night throwing back drinks. Nothing in this world sounds better than chowing down on some truly regretful late night snacks. Where can you turn to on these desperate evenings? Why, your local convenience store of course! Like a good friend, your neighborhood corner store will always be there for you when you drunkenly need it! But there's plenty to be wary of as far as c-stores go. These gas station mini-marts and Slurpee-serving hot spots are full of tricks and there are lots of convenience store secrets the owners and staff don't want you to know.

For instance, all convenience store locations near you (and anywhere, really) are definitely intentional, with most stores employing extensive demographic reports so that they can maximize their foot traffic and sales. How about how convenience stores tend to pass over those pesky health regulations, even if it means your hot dog has been sitting out longer than is probably safe. You knew it was nasty convenience store food, but who knew it was that gross? Don't even get us started on convenience store bathrooms. Ick.

Whether it's the shocking statistics behind how much beer is sold at US convenience stores, or why you can't get a Coke at your favorite corner store (just Pepsi!), these convenience store secrets will definitely surprise you. So cuddle up with a Big Gulp and some Flamin' Hot Cheetos and upvote the most shocking c-store secrets that shed new light on how these shops really run their business.

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    They Put The Cold Drinks In The Back On Purpose

    When you get thirsty, convenience stores are often a go to cold beverage spot. They know this, and make sure you have to walk by all kinds of other treats before you read the coolers in the back of the store, hoping you'll see a few other things you simply can't live without.

    Source: CSPNet
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    They Want You To Be Able To See Everything

    C-stores are designed so that you can view pretty much everything they have for sale, encouraging you to buy anything that might catch your eye.

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    Tobacco Is More Important Than Stores Would like To Admit

    Though we all know by now that smoking is terrible for you, convenience stores would like for you to ignore that. Tobacco and cigarette sales keep stores financially afloat, making up 36.6% of their sales each year. 

    Source: SBDCNet

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    The Biggest Impulse Purchases Are Grouped Together

    There are lots of items at the front of the store and near the checkout counter that are generally considered impulse purchases. Candy, gum, coffee, etc. is all placed there in the hopes that you'll grab some as an afterthought. After all, no one sets out in the morning with the goal of buying the latest US Weekly - it just happens.

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