15 Convicted Killers Who Married in Prison

List of convicted killers who were married while in prison. While many people are fascinated with killers and what makes them tick, not many people ever go that extra mile to get to know them. A person who reads about a killer as if it were an interesting novel is not necessarily going out of their way to meet them. That’s what makes prison wives so captivating. What makes an ordinary woman, with thousands of potential suitors not behind bars, decide to marry a convicted killer? Why do they want a relationship with a man who has killed? What do they get out of the relationship?

Some psychologists believe that women who marry convicted killers do so because of low self-esteem and a desire to be loved by somebody dangerous. The reasons may also include a need to nurture somebody who’s damaged. Whatever the reason, prison wives don’t often follow the same logic as the rest of us. For some of these women, they’re convinced that their husband was framed. Others just think they can turn a vicious killer into someone to take home to your mother.

This list includes killers that managed to get married while in prison. Some are still married, while other wives figured out that marrying a known killer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.