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Wildly Convincing Black Mirror Fan Theories That Somehow Make The Show Even Crazier

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Even if you're an avid viewer of the Netflix series, you may still have a lot of unanswered questions from Black Mirror swirling in your head. To be fair, that's basically the whole point of the show: it's a science fiction trip into a speculative future. Other shows like Black Mirror try to do the same. As is inevitable these days, there are myriad fan theories about Black Mirror mysteries thanks to just how bizarre and mind-blowing the series is. It's so trippy, in fact, that it's leaking into other shows, sparking a theory that Black Mirror and Riverdale exist in the same universe, thanks to an Easter egg from one of Black Mirror's best episodes popping up in an episode of CW's Riverdale.

In short, Black Mirror is enigmatic, but after its fourth season, a broader narrative is starting to coalesce; with that comes some clarity and so many theories. While many of those place the show in the universe of other movies/shows (or vice versa), many are self-contained, as well, and a lot are brilliant.

These are some of the best Black Mirror fan theories that are sure to break your brain, or maybe repair the damage that the show has caused. Vote up the ones that are the most convincing, no matter how much of a trip they might be.

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    All Episodes Take Place In The Same Universe

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    This is not an uncommon theory, but 2localboi does an uncommonly good job of explaining it. This Redditor lays out the events of six episodes explaining how they chronologically relate to one another in this order: "The National Anthem," "The Waldo Moment," "White Bear," "Entire History Of You," "Be Right Back," "15 Million Merits." What's more, the theory suggests that all the events in the series are related to Waldo's rise to power, his totalitarian government, and the subsequent effects on humanity with centuries'-long ramifications. 

    The TL;DR reads: "'The National Anthem' sets off a series of events that lead to WALDO controlling the world, ultimately making people live a quasi-virtual game-ified existence in the year 2211."

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    The Whole Show Is All About The Singularity

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    Miranda Katz of Wired makes a cogent, meticulous argument explaining the soul of Black Mirror: it's a show about the inevitable singularity, the point of no return when artificial intelligence becomes so it advanced it dictates the course of events forever after. She points to a scene in "Playtest" that shows Sonja has a book on the singularity. Spider-webbing from there she speculates what the show as a whole is driving toward:

    "[The episodes of Series 4] grapple obsessively with the notion of the human mind: uploading it; infiltrating it; probing its memories; preserving it after death. Though the show has flirted with digital consciousness in the past, most notably with its mind-bending 'White Christmas' special and the series three darling, 'San Junipero,' the new season takes up the thought experiment with zeal. Black Mirror’s episodes still stand well enough on their own, but after this latest installation, it’s possible to zoom out and see a cohesive rumination on the implications of digital immortality...

    So as we interpret Black Mirror as a cautionary tale about online dating and robot guard dogs and myriad technologies, let’s not lose sight of its larger message: A reminder to center our humanity as we speed toward a world in which that becomes harder and harder to define."

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    The People In '15 Million Merits' Live In Some Sort Of Prison

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    A Redditor has come up with a theory laying out some context for a very early installment of Black Mirror — the second episode of the first season entitled "15 Million Merits." This Redditor believes the people living in that purgatory-like reality are imprisoned there for breaking either laws or societal norms, and being outcast:

    "Black Mirror is all about public humiliation for punishment right? ('White Bear,' 'Shut up & Dance,' etc.) So what if the place where the people live in '15 Million Merits' is a housing / job situation (they live there for free and get paid in 'credits,' for riding bikes for no reason but monotony and to force them to want something more out of life) for people who have been 'blocked' by everyone because of some crime? So then if they make it 'out' they are serving a purpose by providing entertainment for everyone and the block gets removed and then the whole world can see them."

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    Rolo Haynes Of 'Black Museum' Is The Devil

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    If you're a Rick & Morty fan, Badenh94's theory on "Black Museum" will become immediately recognizable to you. This Redditor posits that the curator of the museum is Lucifer:

    "Rolo Haynes, the curator of the museum, shows the visitor items of abstract technology based crimes. However, each item used in the stories has a twist.

    The pain feeling device to diagnose illness and pain ends up making pain enjoyable for the user.

    The tech used to transplant a consciousness of a woman into another person ends up being used to put her in a toy monkey where she can watch but only reply with two answers... happy or sad.

    The tech used for a man to sell his 'soul' ends up turning him into an attraction.

    Stephen King’s Needful Things (Rick and Morty fans should recognize this) is a story of the devil who sells technology to people except the technology ends up having a weird twist.

    Rolo is incredibly charismatic like many interpretations of the Devil. The word Soul is even used in the episode. Clayton’s wife says that it’s basically selling his soul to Rolo Haynes.

    Using this soul/ digital soul idea. Rolo Haynes is tricking humans into selling their souls to him in exchange for flawed payment. Then after owning the souls. He tortured them for what would feel like an eternity."

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