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Wildly Convincing Black Mirror Fan Theories That Somehow Make The Show Even Crazier

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Even if you're an avid viewer of the Netflix series, you may still have a lot of unanswered questions from Black Mirror swirling in your head. To be fair, that's basically the whole point of the show: it's a science fiction trip into a speculative future. Other shows like Black Mirror try to do the same. As is inevitable these days, there are myriad fan theories about Black Mirror mysteries thanks to just how bizarre and mind-blowing the series is. It's so trippy, in fact, that it's leaking into other shows, sparking a theory that Black Mirror and Riverdale exist in the same universe, thanks to an Easter egg from one of Black Mirror's best episodes popping up in an episode of CW's Riverdale.

In short, Black Mirror is enigmatic, but after its fourth season, a broader narrative is starting to coalesce; with that comes some clarity and so many theories. While many of those place the show in the universe of other movies/shows (or vice versa), many are self-contained, as well, and a lot are brilliant.

These are some of the best Black Mirror fan theories that are sure to break your brain, or maybe repair the damage that the show has caused. Vote up the ones that are the most convincing, no matter how much of a trip they might be.

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