15 People Share Their Worst Cooking Disasters So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Cooks: vote up the disastrous stories that would have you ordering pizza for dinner.

Cooking doesn't come naturally to everyone and that's perfectly ok. Some of us need tips, and some of us just need to stay out of the kitchen. If you'd like to avoid being the latter, then read these cooking disaster stories and learn what not to do while cooking.

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    They Got A Second Degree Burn From Making Bread

    From Redditor u/F*ck-tiktok:

    Second-degree burn on my wrist while attempting to make homemade bread, 5 years ago. Still have the scar.

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    They Tried Making A Meal For Their Girlfriend And Ended Up With Exploding Rice

    From Redditor u/keirsakov:

    Girlfriend coming round, about the fifth time i'd seen her so it was still pretty new and i was keen to impress.

    Decided to invite her round for dinner and then have "dessert" after.

    The meal was supposed to be chicken biryani, a meal that i'd cooked many times before without issue - its a simple dish, simply brown some chicken thighs in spices add rice, boiling water, chicken stock and then put in the oven.

    So I start making it about 45 mins before she's due which should mean im ready to serve up in an hour.... At first all goes well, im browning the chicken while my housemate is watching his team play football before making a tactical exit, I then add the rice and water and put in the oven and go and watch the end of the first half.

    30 minutes later and I go to check on the dish - by this point the rice should have swollen and absorbed most of the water and its just a case of drying it up.. however this doesnt seem to be the case... I have a pallid white chicken and starch soup on my hands and the girl is due in about ten minutes.

    Disaster! The rice is taking too long to cook and hasnt fluffed up at all!

    Thinking quickly I decide to boil it up on the stove in the hopes of accelerating the process but I confound myself by forgetting to stir the rice and it burns and sticks to the bottom, so now im left with a pallid broiled few pieces of chicken in a milky white starch soup with burnt crusty rice floating in there. Its a disaster, an absolute shambles - so I fish out the chicken and try to fry it up fully while asking my housemate to nip out to the shop opposite and grab me some chips. Fuck it, chicken chips and peas is nothing flash, but at least its food.

    My housemate tells me to go fuck myself (cheers mate) and the girl arrives, i serve up two thighs of chicken, and for the coup de grace I leave the stove on and boiling rice explodes all over the unit while she is apprehensively picking at the chicken.

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    Their Pan Unleashed A Fireball At The Ceiling

    From Redditor u/Lemmiwinkidinks:

    Trying to impress my new (at the time) bf w homemade Coq au Vin. He comes in and we’re talking and enjoying each other while I have a pan heating on the stove. I forgot about it! So I go in the kitchen and put olive oil in the pan only to have it shoot a fireball at the ceiling and then just spit out flames!! I had to throw the lid on it and get it outside asap! I was on the second floor w a wooden balcony so I threw down a plastic cutting board, placed the pot on it, and laughed my *ss off. Somewhere around here we still have the melted, super f*cked up cutting board as a reminder of where we started together, 11 years ago.

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    They Ruined The Microwave And The Sink With Microwavable Ramen

    From Redditor u/Paradigm6790:

    When I was a teenager I microwaved some ramen but forgot the water. Melted and burnt the plastic.

    Ruined the microwave and the stink was in the house for weeks.

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    They Poured Out Half A Bottle Of Thyme

    From Redditor u/PM_ME_BREAD_PICS_:

    Do you know how most spice bottles have a lid with holes to prevent you from pouring too much? I wasn't paying enough attention to notice that my thyme did not have that lid and poured about a quarter of the bottle in there. It was really difficult to get it out.

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    Their Microwave-Boiled Potatoes Turned To Coal

    From Redditor u/noobodyishere:

    I tried to cook raw potatoes in a microwave and thought It would boil it. After setting the timer, I went on playing video games. I only realized that something was off when I saw smoke coming out of the kitchen. The potatoes ended up like coal.