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29 Awesome Kitchen Hacks and Cooking Tips

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We should be cooking the majority of our own meals if we want to be as healthy as possible, and there are a number of cooking hacks you should learn to make navigating your way around the kitchen much easier. Even if you are no Martha Stewart, making small changes and incorporating simple kitchen tips and tricks into your daily life can help not only make the cooking process easier, but even more enjoyable.

As with most things in life, finding little shortcuts and hacks is always possible. Why not save time where and when you can? In addition to the time saved with these hacks, they will make your food more delicious and professional. Below is a list of some of the best cooking tips to try with your next meal. 
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    Always Use The Best Onion For The Job

    Each onion lends itself differently to certain dishes and uses in the kitchen. Be sure you know which onion to use!

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    Store Lettuce With A Paper Towel

    This will keep it from browning prematurely because the paper towel will absorb excess moisture.
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    Make Your Own Dressings

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    All you need is olive oil and your favorite spices to make a much healthier alternative to store-bought dressings.
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    Grate Your Butter

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    If you hate having to closely monitor the distribution of butter in your pan or pot, grate it first using a cheese grater. This also helps it melt more quickly.
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